Michael Healy Designs Launches Beautiful Brass Decorative Covers for Video Doorbells

Michael Healy Designs Launches Beautiful Brass Decorative Covers for Video Doorbells

Posted by Michael Healy Designs on 23rd Feb 2024

Video doorbells have become an increasingly popular home security product over the past decade. Allowing homeowners to see and speak with visitors at their doorstep through a smartphone app, video doorbells provide convenience and peace of mind. However, these devices come with a very techy, utilitarian look that stands out on most home exteriors.

Recognizing the lack of aesthetic options for homeowners with video doorbells, Michael Healy Designs is excited to announce the launch of its new line of Video Doorbell Decorative Covers. Crafted from premium quality brass and hand-finished to perfection, these covers add a touch of sophistication to video doorbells while providing an extra layer of protection.

For under $30, these decorative covers allow homeowners to ensure the safety of their home without compromising on style. This also "opens the door" to change the look of a video doorbell whenever you want. Whether it's a recent move, a curb appeal makeover, or just a little redecorating...homeowners can easily switch them out for a different finish or style any time.

The first release of Video Doorbell Decorative Covers are compatible with the Ring 2nd Generation video doorbell, with additional video doorbell compatibility options coming Summer 2024. The starting collection hosts 11 exquisite designs and a range of up to 8 finishes.

The covers also offer a seamless and secure installation over an existing video doorbell faceplate and uses the existing tamper proof screws, with no additional screws or drilling required. They are compatible with these Mounts and Accessories for Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation:

Original Mounting Bracket, No-Drill Mount, Corner Kit, Wedge Kit, and Solar Charger for Battery Doorbells