About Us

Michael Healy Artistic Decorative Hardware

Michael Healy Artistic Decorative Hardware is created by using the age-old art of sand casting. All of his products are handcrafted in solid brass, solid bronze and solid nickel silver. Michael is involved in every phase of each product's development, from his original sketch to the product's completion. Finally, Michael's signature adorns each piece, confirming its authenticity and quality craftsmanship.

The Artist

Michael Healy was born and raised on the Cape Cod seashore. As a young boy, Michael discovered his love for the sea and boating. Extremely industrious as a boy, Michael had many businesses by the age of 18: restoring old motorcycles and cars, diving for and selling lobsters and sand dollars, which he developed into his first product line, "Cape Cod Sand Dollars" to much success. His creativity was also fueled by his exposure to many different cultures in his travels. His love of the outdoors, animals, fishing, and memories of exploring during his youth still inspire Michael today.

At the University of Notre Dame, Michael studied metal sculpture and developed a passion for design. After graduation, Michael spent four years in the United States Air Force where, as a Captain, he supervised the maintenance of one of the world's largest aircraft, the C-5A Galaxy.

After the Air Force, Michael went back to his passion for design, relying upon his entrepreneurial spirit and mechanical abilities to open his own foundry, which is located on the banks of the Blackstone River in Rhode Island. Michael began his artistic journey restoring historic statues and casting bronze architectural elements throughout New England before shifting focus to his own original artwork. Combining his knowledge of the foundry sand casting process and his own desire to create highly functional forms of art, Michael was inspired to develop his famous line of Artistic Decorative Hardware. A dedicated artist, Michael continues to design and create on a daily basis.

The Art of Sand Casting